Menu of the Week 20.11. - 26.11.2017

Roasted porcinis (mushrooms) with crispy potato slices on mixed green salads with yogurt dressing 11,50  
Boiled beef tongue with mashed potatoes and apple horseradish 9,90  
Vegetarian cream soup of the day 4,00  
Goose cream soup with crumb dumpling 4,80  
Old viennese pork roast with beer sauce, sauerkraut and bread dumpling 10,90  
¼ fried goose (Vier Pfoten-certificate) with cranberry peach, red cabbage OR warm cabbage salad (with bacon), bread dumpling OR potato dumpling 18,90  
Grilled salmon filet strip with sauce hollandaise and vegetable rice 13,20  
Homemade pasta filled with porcinis (mushrooms), doused with melted butter with green salad 10,90  
Fried wild boar cutlet with cranberries and red hunter’s salad 14,60  
Grilled chicken breast filet coated with prosciutto in Madeira sauce with mashed potatoes 14,20  
Malakoffnockerl with chocolate sauce 6,50  
All Prices in € - including any taxes