Lunch Menu 23.04. - 28.04.2018

from 11 am to 3 pm

Monday, 23.04.  
Spicy homemade spaghetti “Calabrese” with cucumber-tomato salad 7,60
Berner Würstel (sausage filled with cheese, coated with bacon) with fried potatoes, sweet mustard, barbecue sauce and sour garnish 8,50
Tuesday, 24.04.  
Turkey filet salad with pineapple and curry 7,60
Homemade ham pasta gratinated with cheese with mixed salad 8,50
Wednesday, 25.04.  
Chicken filet salad marinated with light cocktail dressing, served with a half of a fresh avocado with summer vegetables and green salad 8,50
Spaghetti “bolognese” with homemade minced meat (beef and pork) with mixed salad 8,50
Thursday, 26.04.  
Creamy asparagus vegetable with hash browns 6,20
Nut- “Schupfnudeln” (potato noodles) with apple puree 7,60
Fried turkey filet schnitzel with parsley potatoes and mixed salad 8,50
Friday, 27.04.  
Creamy spinach with a fried egg and hash browns 7,60
Nut- “Schupfnudeln” (potato noodles) with apple puree 7,60
Grilled or fried pike-perch filet with potato salad and sauce tatar 8,50
Saturday, 28.04.  
Grilled, homemade minced meat skewer (beef and pork,onion) with fried potatoes, onion mustard and mixed salad 8,50
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