Buffet Listing

Antipasti misti (aubergine, zucchini and pepper marinated with olive oil)
Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil
Vegetable terrine with herbs curd
Feta cheese terrine with tomatoes, leaf salad and cress
Ham rolls stuffed with French salad
Bacon onion pie
Smoked ham with melon
Cold Roastbeef with sauce tatar
Smoked trout with cowberry cream horseradish
Salmon variation with mustard sauce and cream horseradish
Young herring filets homemade style
Avocado shrimp salad
Chicken salad with curry and fruits
Chicken roulade with vegetable and Cumberland sauce
Pasta with vegetarian sauce
Vegetable pasta casserole with herbs sauce
Strudel variation
Herb noodles (sweet and sour)
Ham pasta
Beef stew with bread dumplings
Turkey strips with curry, pineapple and almond rice
Fried chicken breast with potato salad
Pork cutlet in breadcrumbs
Veal fricassee ‘Zurich’ style
Grilled pike-perch with parsley potatoes
Wild game ragout with cranberries (seasonal)
Panna Cotta or cream caramel with fresh fruits
Chocolate mousse with fruit sauce
Curd cheese mousse with orange sauce
Yoghurt terrine
Fresh fruit salad
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce
Chocolate nut cake
Biscuit roulade
Choux pastry doughnuts stuffed with pudding or fruit creme
Cheese plate extra
Seasonal specialties on request (wild game, asparagus, mushrooms)
You can choose three dishes from each category!